Monday, June 18, 2012

The one with the f word...

"Dear Mrs Strachan.  I am sorry for using yukky words and for telling lies.  From Isaac"

Last week I made Isaac - who is 5!!!- write this letter to his teacher.  She had tapped me on the shoulder after school with some tales from Isaac's day.  Apparently the 'f' word had escaped his mouth during story writing time.  Hilariously she was impressed that he'd used it in context as he was cross with himself for making a mistake!  His story goes that he wasn't saying f@*k but was saying 'facuum' and that Lauren (the dobber!) had misheard him because the words had the same sounds in them.  When suggested that vacuum starts with a v not an f he ever so nicely pointed out his mild speech impediment which means he sometimes pronounced sounds different! 

The lying was not about denying the use of the f word either.  He'd also shared a story about our recent trip to Queensland where he got to go to Movie World and meet Buzz Lightyear.  Which would be fine if we actually went to Movie World and met Buzz Lightyear... which we didn't.  I was impressed he was able to conjure up so many details about the trip and should probably pen a thank you to the Queensland Tourist Board for placing such extensive advertising on the cartoon channel!

I don't need to look far to see where he's learnt such language as it's quite possible that it may have slipped out of my mouth from time to time - hard to believe from a lady such as myself I know! 

Some days need a good 'fuck' dropped into them though, don't you agree!? 
Just praps not around the small people anymore!


  1. Hehehe, oh dear!
    It happens with them all :)

  2. Haha! This is cute. I wouldn't feel too bad about it, it's all just experimental and Isaac sounds like a very good kid. I might be partial to dropping the f bomb a few (hundred) times a day myself xo

  3. Yes. Well. Um. No judgement from me. I swear. It feels good sometimes... and well - baby brain x 3 has resulted in limited access to the other adjectives that my brain once could find. The kiddos know not to use the words though. They're grown up words just like there are grown up drinks, grown up tv, grown up places to go... its ok.
    Ahhh... and the joys of a creative five year old. I love it. We've decided to make the distinction between reality, make believe and lies... geez - so many grey areas in this parenting gig.
    Love love love your son. Bravo the speech defence too. Just googled facuum hoping it was a real word... but it aint :(

  4. Many days require a good fuck I agree but also a good filter!! ;) stunning work!!

  5. Totally agree! Darn those dobbers, they're such facuums. x

  6. Classic!! I have a little one who likes to tell tall tales also.


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