Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Things that are making me smile today...


Source: via Tania on Pinterest

Crochet hot water bottle covers... 

Source: via Sonia on Pinterest

This girl... who eats her sandwiches with a spoon!

And then has a midday nanna nap allowing me Time to Myself!

Funny posts by funny ladies...

Happy Wednesday.


  1. loved the FB comment!! i have mixed emotion about the use of FB. Love those crochet hotties too, theyre gorgeous :)

  2. Oh your gal is scrumptious, so beautiful. It is cute how they use spoons and forks to eat bizarre things. My boys eat their fruit with a fork in the mornings... makes me smile too.
    And I am LOVING those crochet water bottle covers... we're quite into water bottles here at the moment. A lot to smile about there lady xo

  3. Love the Facebook e-card! I only use Facebook these days to post photos of our travels. You get a good sense of which people are lacking maturity based on their Facebook posts.


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