Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My creative space...

I'm done with my hottie bottie cover!

 I think I'm done anyway!  You might notice that I haven't joined the bottom of the cover up so that it can be removd for easy cleaning and what not.  I did crochet around the bottom two corners to the first space which seems to be working to hold it closed firmly enough although next time I might go to the next space just for a wee bit more security.  I have seen these on pinterest where the bottoms are buttoned up but that won't work in this case because the hot water bottle has that flappy bit of rubber in an odd shape that the buttons wouldn't stretch over and to get around it I would have to add some grannies down there in an unusual fashion.  Or make the back and front bigger!

I created the neck before I joined the front and back together.  Just kinda trebled up in a circle till it was the same height.  Praps it needs some ribbon to bring the neck in a wee bit and pretty it up some more.

I do love it - love the colours and the wooly warmth of it and those granny squares get me every time.  BUT - I'm not loving how I've joined the grannies together.  I think I would rather a smoother finish so next time I will either go for that whole seam free joining method I've seen around the traps or granny treble them together as I make them like I do with my blankets and cushion covers.

On another yarny note...

I'm attempting to teach myself to knit!

I can cast on, knit and cast off but that whole purl situation is making me CRAZY!  I will be taking it to netball with me so that one of knitty type friends can show me how to get my head around it!  Thanks must go to Sally for the knitting inspiration!


  1. Oh lady! I love it too! Absolutely gorgeous. You are SUCH a clever cookie xo

  2. The hottie bottie is so cute! I could use that right about now, actually. Nice work, Son and good luck with the knitting! x

  3. That is so beautiful! You are a beautiful crocheter so I'm sure you will conquer the knitting. Have you checked out ravelry for patterns? It's awesome and there are lots of freebies!

  4. So pretty, I must get organised and make a cover for mine!

  5. Love your hottie bottie cover, just gorgeous all those grannies.......
    Looks lovely and cuddly.....

    There should be plenty of knitting tutorials on Youtube if you get stuck....just athought. Good luck with it...

    CLaire :}

  6. I had grand plans for some hottie covers but it is amazing how quickly winter creeps up on you and your project list! I love how you have made yours.

  7. Great hottie! Good luck with your knitting, I can only attempt knitting when my Mum is in town to help correct all my mistakes (and tell me which way is up!!).

  8. such a good idea, perfect granny chic! I remember the frustrations of learning to knit - it felt so awkward and I was so fearful of making a mistake :)

  9. Very cute hottie cover, love the colours! Hang in there with the knitting... I know how frustrating it can be... learning continental knitting drove me around the bend but I got it inthe end and now love it! So with a little bit of perseverance you will be kniting like crazy :)

  10. Muy , muy original...
    Great idea!!!


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