Sunday, October 24, 2010

At my house: Isaac Thomas

Apparently this young man is turning four tomorrow! As we are having his Buzz party on the weekend, we needed a whole other cake for his birthday day - hence our dinosaur that I have been slaving over this morning with directions I might add on m&m placement!
Where does the time go?
*Some things you might need to know:
  • Isaac was 11 pound 3 at birth - hence those cheeks and squished up eyes. And yes, it was a c-section!
  • The cake is from a Donna Hay Kids issue.
  • Join in with Lou for 'at my house'.
  • I'm posting this birthday pic today cause tomorrow we'll be far too busy opening presents, going to swimming lessons, kinder, handing out birthday treats to everyone we come across and having afternoon tea with some friends so we can munch our way through that dinosaur!!!


  1. Wow he was a big boy at birth!

    Fantatic cake! love it! Happy Birthday to your boy : )

  2. Happy birthday, enjoy the fabulous cake.

  3. It sounds like you'll be very busy !
    Happy Birthday Isaac !

  4. Brilliant cake. Well done! Isaac is looking very pleased with it too!! Hope you have lots of fun celebrating. Lou.

  5. Happy Birthday to Issac - FOur is such a great age. That cake looks great:)

  6. What a fantastic cake for a big four year old! Looks great. Happy birthday Isaac. x


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