Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Feeling hooked?

My husband wants to know what has come over me, since crocheting granny squares appears to have taken over my life. Each night after the smalls finally fall asleep, out comes my bag of wool and off I go, oblivious to anything around me. I cant tell you the last time I read a book or watched the tv properly or even visited blogland for a thorough read of my favourites! I was warned this might happen - the crochet addiction! Do you have it? My new favourite shops are Spotlight and Lincraft! I have bought a book with 200 different granny squares in it! My friend told me about amigurumi's which I am keen to try next! I read over here today about about how crochet feels like swimming - graceful and meditative, and tis very true. The wee granny square rug above is wonky and full of errors, but I MADE THAT! And Oh, the Satisfaction it gives me! It's heading to a sweet baby girl who is turning 1 this week to use for her dollies.

In my endless googling for crochety things, I came across this great blog, Attic 24. Well worth a look as she gives marvellous instructions for making lovely things. Check out the wonderful granny stripe rug she has made. Just beautiful.

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  1. Wow, look at you go!! Give it a little while and you'll be simultaneously crocheting and watching TV along with the best of them. Then there'll be no need to leave the couch, ever! Well so long as you have someone to make you cups of tea and bring you bowls of M&Ms...


    Penni (who is too busy knitting to set up her own blog so is still signed in on the now defunct market one!)


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