Monday, October 18, 2010

At my house...

At my house this week:
We are in full party prep mode for a young man's 4th birthday next week! Eeek!
I am attempting to return to work! Double Eeeek!
And I am getting sucked in by cute photos of the smalls!
Isaac's kinder recently had those Vision portrait people in where you pay $12 for a family photo in a frame and then when you go to pick it up you get suckered in to buy the rest because there are some dreadfully cute pictures of your poppets and they all happen to be looking normal, with smiles on their faces and in the direction of the camera! And you know how hard that is to do yourself! Could you have left this sweet picture behind?

Join in with 'At my house...' over here.


  1. No! That is way too cute to leave. Wow, you have a big week. Returning to work and a 4 year old birthday party. I hope it all goes well. Lou.

  2. Awww! Has Oscar got a lost tooth? What's the theme for the birthday? xx

  3. No way! Gorgeous post and blog. Have a lovely week ;)


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