Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Unfortunately this was not the bathroom that I was forced to spend some quality time in over the last 24 hours! The dreaded lurgy has hit out house and has made its way around all of us - except my husband! I swear he must have an iron stomach given what we had to deal with last night. Our big boy was sick for most of our little boys birthday, I got sick not long after my stint on kinder duty, and our poor baby girl came down with it last night and spent most of the night throwing up in our bed! 13 towels later and at 3am we were all done. I have spent most of today washing masses of bed linen and towels and madly disinfecting everyting I could get my hands on. I did come to the realisation that when you are sick, with your head over the toilet bowl, even at 35, you still just want your mum.

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