Saturday, October 23, 2010

This Saturday I'm grateful for... ebay and sisters.

Seriously what cant you buy on ebay!? We have Isaac's fourth birthday and a party coming up this week and since we are being completely commercial with our Buzz Lightyear theme, I have been able to find loads of party goods in fabulously cheap ebay stores! Much better than going to party shops, even when you do factor delivery in. A couple of people even added freebie bonus's in for ordering through them - yay, cause you gotta love freebies. Isaac and I have just finished filling up these Buzz Lightyear Treat Rocketships with goodies for his friends. Dont they look just like the ones from the movie - all waiting in hyperspace ready to be opened!

We've also had my sister here for a very short but sweet visit - on her way home from Cambodia. She gave me the most gorgeous quilt made by lovely Cambodian women and while she was here, bought me the new Maeve Binchy book, helped me make two yummy Christmas puddings, went out late at night for an ice-cream run and came home with drumsticks, gaytimes AND magnums, and even looked after my small people a few times! What a treasure. Thanks Bells - we hope you are having a very happy birthday today.

What are you grateful for? Join in with Maxabella and tell us all about it.


  1. love, love ebay for finding great treasures and I love, love, love a late night icecream run - especially after pizza :) enjoy. Naomi x

  2. I seriously do not use eBay enough! Those treasures are going to win the hearts of those kids, for sure! And visiting family... enjoy every moment!

  3. im in love with ebay, i always find bargians.

  4. I must admit that I'm an e-bay virgin but after reading this may have to reconsider for Christmas shopping!

    x Felicity

    PS Loved your choice of ice-cream dilemma would have been whether to choose the Gaytime or the drumstick!

  5. Great list of things to be grafeful for. I use eBay all the time!

  6. I've never tried Drumsticks and certainly not Gaytimes (maybe once but it was dark) but Magnums - now you are talking!

  7. your sister sounds unbelievable...

    Cute post! Gill xo

  8. Gaytimes! Yummo!!

    It sounds like you have a great sister - always a bonus :)

    And ebay is the best...

  9. Sisters are the best for sure. x


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