Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Gosh I love finding things on the internet! Seriously. I could sit here all night, kids in bed, coffee my my side, tv flickering in the background searching for things I'm not sure I want till I see them.

Look at this lovely chore chart for instance:

Head on over to draw! pilgrim to print out your own FREE copy! Yay!

And sticking with my slightly green imaged theme, gosh I wish I could find these shoes in my size - lovely green Keds wedges. These size 10's are available on ebay at the moment.

And just a wee side story - why is it always the way that when you have no money you find lovely new clothes to buy? I headed out sans smalls this morning for errands and came across mountains of things I could have bought given an endless supply of cash! Grrrr, to Sussan for not letting me layby the lovely dress on sale in your shop! The husband has me on a tight budget at the moment as I have been lucky enough to be driving a brand spanking new car - a beautiful black Chrysler Grand Voyager! So, while I have no lovely dress or the above perfect shoes to match, I am driving a swish new car with loads of buttons and leather!

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