Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy 10th Wedding Anniversary

10 years ago today, Darren and I got married!  I have just been going through our wedding photos and my one thought is, gosh we looked young..... and thin!  We'd only been in Melbourne for a year or two so we flew back to Tassie for our wedding with family and friends and then spent 10 days in New Zealand for our honeymoon, bungy jumping and getting food poisoning sooooo bad, Darren thought he was dying! 

10 years later, we have made a sweet little family with our 3 babies, Oscar, Isaac and Matilda.  And on Saturday night, Darren and I are leaving them for the first time ever and going out on a proper date which we haven't had in years.  New dress, new shoes (hello red patent peep toes!!!), dinner and a hotel in the city for the night.

Happy Anniversary Honey!   

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  1. Happy Anniversary to you both :-) aawww such a beautiful pic as well xxx


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