Saturday, January 15, 2011

This week I'm grateful for... Lust!

Ok, so I know this is a completely shallow and pointless grateful post and truly there are some wonderful things I am grateful for this week, especially several friends of mine who have donated some of their lovely handmade goods for me to auction for the Queensland Flood Appeal Auctions.

But after spying these bathers in one of the Saturday morning papers I had to share them here as well.  Lust, pure and simple is coursing through my veins for a pair of these bathers - I dont mind which set, because I don't really have the body for public swimming.  I think I'd just hang them on the wall and glory in the granny square print loveliness!

images and items available for purchase over this way

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  1. Definitely the one piece - there's more of that divine fabric to love!!

    Don't apologise, LL. There's nothing wrong with a bit of clothes-lust!!! x

  2. Tre cool. You have a back yard pool. Who cares what you wear?!!!!

  3. They are fabulous! Unfortunately I'd look like a granny in them...

  4. They are FANtastic! Love them :) I tried to click on the link and it said 'error blahblahblah' - could you let me know where to find them please please please? :) Kx


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