Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone. We have been having a very busy Christmas and New Year with a houseful of visitors - my husbands parents and now my lovely 14 year old niece! Everyone is sleeping in various rooms in the house, or not sleeping as the case may be, but rather bed hopping and ending up top and tailed in their brothers bed for the night!

I did manage to brave the Boxing Day sale at Spotlight after having an overwhelming desire to have my own sewing machine! I picked up this little number for the bargain price of $80! I know it is pretty basic but since I have no skills and have not sewed since Year 10 Home Ec it's all I really need. I have been using Nanny to her full advantage while she has been here as she is a natural sew-er from way back. I'm not sure that my lessons have been coming in any particular order but she has managed to show me how to make these sweet little skirts for Matilda! Pleats and all! Fabrics are just from Spotlight, and if you look carefully you'll see that the first one has an Alice in Wonderland print all over it. Gorgeous yes? I think perhaps it is meant to be for quiliting but nevermind, it's working for me.

My new baby with the Alice in Wonderland skirt.

This is one that Nanny whipped up!

And mine, made with only a wee bit of assistance!

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  1. Bargain! Clever you - I'm extremely impressed with your sewing. Who would know you were a beginner!?! I bought my sewing machine last year at ALDI for a bargain price also, althoughnot as good as yours, and so far it's only been used for sewing on paper - is that sacreligous?


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