Monday, January 17, 2011

Point + Shoot: Dare me and I'll do it!

Today, just hanging around at the local playground!

This is my friend's little girl Zoe who is a Monkey with a capital M on the bars!  Watch me, she says, bet you cant do this!  Actually, yes I can!  At 35, I've still got it baby!

Now I've got you here - would you like to bid on an online auction to raise funds for the QLD Flood Appeal?  I am running three here - one, two, three (number 3 is my favourite, kinda wishing I could bid and win my own auction!) - and you can find loads more over this way.  All money raised goes directly to the Premier's Flood Relief Appeal.

Oh, and you can check out other people who've joined in with Point + Shoot over here with FatMumSlim.

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  1. thank you for stopping by! i love comments from far away places!! such a nice thing you are doing with your of luck to you!

  2. I'm very impressed that you can and will hang upside down on the monkey bars. Surely that will earn you a few cool mummy points?

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today :)

  3. omg, I can not even do that & i;m 21.

  4. goodness graciuos me, I'm impressed, I think I would do myself an inury if Ii even tried lol

  5. Wow! Look at you. How cool is that.


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