Monday, January 10, 2011

Point and Shoot: Date Night

Midnightish, Saturday, January 8th.  Slightly drunk, self portrait, iphone shot.

So we escaped this weekend without our children - left them with my sister overnight for the first time ever.  It's taken us this long to do because all of our immediate family live in Tassie and most of our friends in Melbourne have small people themselves so I dont feel it's fair to ask them to have three extra ones for the night. 

I cannot tell you how much fun it was!  At breakfast this morning we worked out that we had not had breakfast on our own, together since before Oscar was born - 6 and half years ago!  We strolled round shops, bought some cheap bathers from Big W so we could swim in the hotel pool, had a spa bath in our room (!!), had a really yummy dinner at this teeny tiny Italian restuarant, managed to sleep in this morning, got the papers delivered to our room and then ate a huge big breakfast before heading home!

All in all, I can highly recommend date nights!
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  1. i love the self portrait!! it always seems to happen after a couple of drinks too :)
    thanks for sharing and i'm glad you enjoyed your date night

  2. Hi I saw your pic on point & shoot nice to meet you :) Hope your going to continue with a few more date nights in the new yr! Iv made it one of my new yr resolutions to have a date night first Wednesday of the month with my boyfriend who I moved in with about a yr and half ago. Something to look forward to :)

  3. Sounds just perfect! And very well deserved! .Mr FGB and I dream of this often... it must feel very surreal.

  4. Sounds wonderful!! :D


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