Friday, January 21, 2011

This week I'm grateful for... the countdown to school starting!

This week I have to admit I have struggled with the small people.  I have not been a good mummy and mixed with a little bit of of PMT, there have been many and varied bouts of yelling and screaming from everyone big and small.  My favourite today was from my 6 year old - 'You're the worst mummy I've ever had!' - because I would not let him play games on my iphone!  Truly a heinous crime! 

So this week, I am grateful for the fact that school, swimming, kinder and creche are starting up in about 2 weeks.  We operate so much better with schedules and routines and I think the airy-fairyness of lingering in our pjs, meandering about the house and unpacking every toy on the shelf has well and truly worn off.

What are you grateful for this week?  Join in with Maxabella loves...

Also, on a more serious note the auctions for the Queensland Flood Relief end on Monday - so don't forget to put your bid in.  Click on the links below to see my goodies.


  1. oh my goodness.. I understand the relife of school..mine have been of all week because of snow storms... so I hear you whole hearty
    Popping over from Maxabella loves

  2. Oh, I understand you. Routines are a wonderful thing. And this year my eldest goes to kinder. It begins. Happy grateful day to you. xx

  3. You'll get used to long school holidays as your children grow, they are wonderful. We're very routine too, but holidays are time to relax & let our hair down, plan an adventure be it home craft or a bush walk, keep it fun & interesting. We start high school in a few weeks, i'm really excited!! If all else fails, like today my children were looking for something to do (we have a party in 2 hours to head off to) they all went outside with the hose, simple!! Instant fun. Like everything in motherhood, it's a learning process & outdoors with a hose has never failed us. Love Posie

  4. I have loved these holidays with the offspring and spent alot of time organising a routine for them within it. Otherwise the days can get very long indeed. Like you, I'm kind of looking forward to school starting ;)

  5. I'm both grateful for and terrified of school going back in just one week's time. Gotta find our rhythm again and then we'll be happy in the groove. Until then... it's all a bit exhausting!! x

  6. PS - Posie's comment above is very helpful. She's right, in many ways we just need to keep growing these babies a little bit! x

  7. There is a time and place for lounging in PJ's...if it was all the time..we'd never really think it was special when we did it. I am sure by next holidays it will be special again to lounge in pj's, relax and let the routine go!

  8. HI...I'm a new follower.
    I totally understand. We run so much smoother on a schedule too.

    Amy's Life @

  9. sorry to hear you've had a rough week with your little people.
    mine have been a little crazy aswell & they tend to play on it when I have something on like an order & can't really do anything.
    I also send them outside, they run around, they play, they fight but as long as they are doing something besides whining it's fine.

    wishing you a smooth 2 weeks and sending you a big hug ♥


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