Monday, June 6, 2011

Crochet for Barbie!!!

Oh, the sweet things you find at the local library!  Matilda doesn't even have a Barbie doll yet - but I am totally inspired to go out and get one just so I can frock her up.

Crappy iphone photos are all my doing, totally gorgeous crochet outfits from
"Crochet for Barbie doll. 75 delightful creations to crochet." by Nicky Epstein

Barbie is totally rocking this granny square long line skirt with matching crop.  I think it sets of her tiny waist so perfectly.
A romantic date in the park with Ken on the agenda?  Don't get caught in that fresh breeze without first donning your Granny Stripe Poncho!

A fashionable working woman cannot go past a crochet Chanel suit for all those power meetings.
A weekend of sun, sand and frivolity on the cards?  Don your crochet bikini, grab your crochet tote and surf in style with Ken and his crochet boardies!

A super sweet granny rug with matching cushion is sure to keep you warm and comfy on those cool nights in.

This Carribbean-inspired enemble will have Barbie beach ready in an instant with a sassy sunhat and roomy beach bag.


  1. Cute and hilarious in the one post! Retro Barbie at her best ;o)
    At least those clothes wouldn't take long to make!

  2. Ha! i love the bikini!

    Anyway I can't belive you havn't received my pillow! =( It defitnitly should have reached you by now, I posted it the quicker way and the lady sid it would take up to 7-9 days!
    I am going to the post office about it tommorow! Im sooooo sorry you havn't got it yet!


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