Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fabric Heaven: Patchwork with Gail B

This morning I walked into fabric heaven.  I'd heard about a patchwork shop on the grapevine.  Tucked away in a tile shop of all places, it is literally a shop within a shop.

If you live in Melbourne, head out to Spotlight in Bayswater but do not go in there!  Keep driving just a wee bit futher till you come upon this...

I ended up meandering around the store with my jaw hanging from my face.  And because I did not go in with a specific project in mind I actually didn't even buy very much - in the end, just a little pack of pre cut squares so I can try my whole fabric/crochet blanket idea.

Trust me, it is soooooo worth it.  And the ladies who work there were super lovely and helpful and did not pay me to say nice things about them or their shop at all.


  1. That doesn sound like heaven!

    Lucky you to find such a place and I am amazed at your willpower of only buying a pack of charm squares!

  2. I might just drive there anyway... from Sydney!! x


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