Saturday, June 4, 2011

This week I'm grateful for... nights out!

I frocked up and escaped last night with a girlfriend as my date.  The kinder trivia night was calling - generally not something I love as it ends up displaying the vast amount of things I have no knowledge of! 
Give me a bottle of champagne, combined with cheap chardonnay and someone elses savoy biscuits (in a useless attempt to keep me vaguely sober) and apparently I end up standing on a chair singing along to Billy Joels Piano Man.

Cant stay, Australia's Got Talent is calling!

Feeling grateful for something?  Head over to Maxabella Loves.


  1. Fantastic sounds like great fun, good for you!

  2. Oh that is so funny, I'm glad I'm not the only one. I don't sing, I know no matter how drunk I get I won't do that, but having too much fun when intoxicated, that I do well.

  3. PMSL - hate to say it but you sing like me.

    And my boys said since small: "Don't sing Mummy."

    Here from weekend grateful. No. 46 and 56.

  4. fabulous stuff! this gave me a good giggle. Nothing like a night out and Billy Joel impersonations to free the soul....Kinder trivia night or not, it sounds like you had a great time

    Gill xo

  5. haha, from time to time a bit of sillyness just does miracles!

  6. Nothing like a girl's night out! You crack me up. xx

  7. Haha! Fab! Something about trivia night's that just bring out the best in us all :o)
    Just found you through Maxabella's grateful posts, now following your lovely blog!

  8. It's not a good night out if you don't end up on a chair belting out bad music. Glad you enjoyed yourself!!! x


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