Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Oscar's First Job Application

My son is 7.  And has just applied for his first job - a much sought after role of chicken carer.  Apparently they get soooo  many applicants not everyone is successful.

If only all job applications were this simple and straightforward.

"Draw or write why you would like to be a chicken carer."

Oscar's answer - because I like to give chicken cuddles.

Gosh, I hope he gets it.

What was your first job?

Mine was a paper round and a job as a kitchen hand - where I got the sack after leaving the very expensive saucepans sitting under the kitchen sink next to some very corrosive cleaner.  No more bottoms on those expensive saucepans.

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  1. Ha ha, Oscar is so funny!

    Jobs: Babysitting, then Coles :fruit and veg dept


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