Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My cushion swap cover...

Yay!  It finally arrived.  My poor swappee had a little trouble with postage  - popped the wrong country in the address and then when it got returned to her the jolly earthquake in NZ held it up a little longer.
It was definately worth the wait!  Look at those lovely colours!  This is the front and it is like a big flower unfurling from the inside and twirling out.  Currently it is taking up residence in 'the good room' away from small people.

For all those people who have never participated in a swap I can highly recommend it.  This was my first time and I enjoyed the process of creating and sending my own cushion cover and then waiting with baited breath to see what the reciever thougtht of it!  And even though mine took a little longer to arrive there has been lots of communication back and forth so I knew it was coming.

Thanks too Punky & Me for organising it all.

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