Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My creative space... passing the crochet torch!

This week I have totes passed the crocheting bug onto my lovely almost 16 year old niece!  She was super easy to teach - tell her and show her once and she was off!

And as you know, once you get addicted to crocheting, there is no stopping you - even on the morning school run whilst waiting in the car!

(A small sidebar - the first two piccies has her hair in my magnificent braids.  The last one - lovely wavy 'slept in my braids overnight' hair.  Love it!)

I have sent her home now with some badly written instructions of mine and an extensive list of blogs to visit for tips, hints and advice.

Here are just a few:

Feel free to add any other useful crochet linkyloos in your comments. 

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  1. I love it - teaching the next generation the lost arts.

    I learnt to braid just last year - I was quite proud of myself. Still havn't quite got around to learning crochet yet though.

  2. awesome!! i love your photo, very chic and 70's. that is so so great,,you taught to crochet! i do LOVE crochet. i think its the most exciting part of my day. just last night i perfected my first bobble square!!!! yahOOO!!!! xoxoxox

  3. have lots of great crocheting too. Heaps of ideas and links to other great sites too

  4. Crocheting is terribly addictive... oh dear what have you done your neice will never be the same again... ha ha ha :)


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