Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My creative space... Testing times.

As soon as Pip popped her Pippy slippers pattern up I was off and printing!  I promise I have followed her pattern but I am having a wee problem.  Something funky went on with the toe and now it appears I may have somehow added some extra stitches cause it is miles too wide and I have a hoofer for a foot (size 9 and wide)!  So, do I keep on hooking and hope that it tightens up when I get to the end or do I give up and start again?

(Btw - I took these of course with my iphone but using this cute app called Pocketbooth!  It is just like one of those photobooths you used to pop into with your boyfriend, make foolish faces and get a little strip of photos of at the end to stick on your fridge until such time as you break up and they end up in a shoe box with your old love letters and a piece of his school jeans that you ripped off on the last day of year 10..... )
ooops.  may have given you an insight into some of my teenage behaviour.

Because I needed to feel like I hadn't lost my crochet mojo, I also tried out The Royal Sister's tissue box cover!

Love it!  Even though people are worried I have turned into a total nanna and are about to stage an intervention, I will totally be doing more of these. 


  1. Me i would keep going they are slippers they might be meant to be a bit big...or you could line them later and fill out the extra with something cosy....
    Love the tissue box

  2. Oooh, tissue box cover! Have just added that to my list of 'must-try' tutorials :)

  3. That tissue box is so funny - before you know it you will be making a cover for your toilet rolls!

  4. Clever clogs like you make me really, really want to try crochet. I'm determined to get this sewing thing underway, though, so crochet can be next! At least I'm trying... ya gotta at least try, right? x

  5. Loving your work here & I just saw barbies crochet numbers below, I've been wanting to try out a poncho just like that in my size! Keep going I say, and "hooray" for nana craft!


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