Monday, July 4, 2011

The bonus of Tasmanian relatives

I am well aware that this does not look super appetising but let me tell you right now - this is the yummiest chocolate snowball EVER!!!!  It is made with the softest, smoothest marshmallow and covered in real chocolate, then rolled around in even more flake-like chocolate.  My in-laws are visiting with us for a few days before they trek off to Switzerland and they bought us these delicious morsels from a place called Anvers in Tasmania.

Yesterday there were 24 of them, today there are 18 left. 

I think someone needs to stage an intervention.


  1. Oh YUMMY! They look divine and I bet taste even better. You have fridge mice at your house too? LOL It's Winter and we need the extra calories so I say no intervention needed LOL. Enjoy :)

  2. Oh WOW! You have done well to only have eaten 6 ;o)
    Treats like these are so more-ish... they never last long around here!
    YUM! Hope you've enjoyed a few more by now xo


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