Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My creative space... actually a creative space!!!

We moved a few things around in the house, got rid of the guest bedroom and created a space for me!
Woot Woot!!!
Future houseguests will have to get used to sleeping in our front loungeroom instead!

This is the obviously the before shot... vacuum cleaner and all.

During the whole moving process - I did manage to cull a lot of my books but still... I managed to find my Year 12 English texts and even a Philosophy one about the Meaning of Life!!!  Yes, I generously have donated them to Salvos.

Basically, we have moved one of our huge Ikea shelves in on one wall and then our old dining table onto the other.  Space, storage and sunlight!!!  And a door I can close on any potential mess.

The table is still a work in progress - I am desperate for a quilting mat and a rotary cutter (which I will be requesting for my birthday next month any family members who are listening).  But there is lots of room for my sewing machine and then a workspace next to that.  And that giant blue wall - I think it needs some art.

My nice tidy bookshelf.


On other creative fronts, I haven't actually managed to do much more on my lovely blanket but we are going away to our beach house this weekend so it will be accompanying me on the trip.  I have finished row 7 of 15 with the ends sewn in and it is looking so, so good!


  1. Wow how exciting to have your own space/studio!!! The shelve look great.. wish I had some tidy ones like that :)

  2. That is very exciting. We bought an old caravan years ago for guest. However we now use it for storage - guest will have to camp!

  3. oh i love the organisation. our spare room needs this so much. love your book shelving!

  4. Fantastic! I hope that you love your new space!!

  5. Enjoy your lovely new space! :)

  6. Wow! I'm so jealous... I do most of my stuff on the stable table on my lap!

  7. How fabulous to have your own space - and such a funky space at that! And to be able to close the door on any creative going-ons - awesome :-P. Love those ikea shelves too, they fit so much in them.

  8. Ohhh how lovely! That space looks fantastic! Enjoy!

  9. It looks amazing. I love to see how other people work. My space takes up the 'formal lounge' area but I've considered the guest room.. still thinking about it!!! I love the shelving too (I have the same!!). I think the blue wall is stunning against the desk.

  10. Having your own space is great but a whole room?!!! You must be dizzy with delight! I know I would be, you'd never get me out of there!!

  11. Congratulations on having your own room, it's nice to be able to work in one. I've moved out of my sewing room and into the dining room as my little boy needs his sleep. Looks like I'm setting up camp permanently there as I've taken over the buffet and even brought out my ironing board.


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