Monday, July 25, 2011

Point and Shoot: A Saturday Drive

I spent the loveliest day on Saturday going for a drive with my mum.  We headed to Woodend and Hanging Rock, the place my mum got married to my stepfather (who recently passed away).  My mum raised us on the movie Picnic at Hanging Rock and has always loved it - we all do!  From there we drove through to Daylesford for lunch and a visit to the Lark store and then onto Ballarat where we had the nicest visit to Morgan Wills' new shop, The Crafty Squirrel.

Lovely memory blocks found at a yummy cafe in Woodend.  I think I'd like the King and Queen ones over my bedhead!

Have you seen the movie? Watch the clip to the end - I have a suprise for you later!

Hanging Rock

My lovely mum and I on the walk to Hanging Rock summit.

We did wonder whether Hanging Rock might need another name!!??

Holding up the 'Hanging Rock'

Strike a pose!!!! 
Mum and I crawled through all the cracks and crevices re-enacting scenes from the movie!

I even managed to crawl right to the very top.  It really is the most incredible view in all directions.  I highly recommend a visit - even small people would be able to manage the walk.

A highlight for me - finally a visit to the Lark shop!  It is just as lovely as you'd imagine with load of gorgeous things to buy and really lovely, friendly, helpful staff!

The Crafty Squirrel in Ballarat!  You might notice that I am wearing one of Morgan's scarves for the occasion - and how great is that matching yarn-bombed telegraph pole out the front!

Honestly, the things we do.  And we weren't even drinking.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend.  If you've got some pictures to share you can always join in with Point and Shoot.


  1. Now I feel old ;-), I did enjoy watching that film ages ago on tv ;-). I never got the point of it though. I remember it being all creepy and mysterious. Seems like you and your mom had a lot of fun. I'm going to read the summary on the Internet right now - maks :-)

  2. I watched the movie when I was in primary school and I remember it being really scary. Maybe I need to re-watch it one day soon.

    I love all the pics of you and your Mum, it looks like you had a gorgeous day.

  3. sounds like a lovely weekend. and that movie has always intrigued me! it made me feel uneasy but i could never take my eyes away!

  4. I am so glad you liked the crafty squirrel shop Sonia. I am so sorry to have missed you and your Mum. Sounds like you had a lovely day! Great photo too - the scarf suits you! Morgan x

  5. I watched the movie years ago and remember being scared! Must have been pretty cool to go all around where it was filmed, hope you bought yourself something from the shop too!

  6. Hilarious. Loved it. So Jealous! Wish I had been there.


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