Friday, July 15, 2011

Post Birth Beauty

I'm feeling quite brave this evening and in honour of Mrs Woogs blog regarding birthing beauty in women, I am putting my post birth photos into the mix.


3 ceseareans, 1 emergency, 2 elective.
Fairly ginormous babies (one of which ended up being 11 pound 3 - that's just over 5kg's people!)
Massive weight gain during pregnancy - about 30kgs for each one, not helped by the introduction of mint chip icecream.

 Oscar Grant

 Isaac Thomas

 Matilda Anne

Attactive?  At the time I thought no.  I felt like a bloated, water retaining, beached whale of epic proportions!  There was definately no waxing of nether regions, no make up, no styled hair and no painted nails. 

There was loads of drugs, stitches, bleeding, discomfort, sore boobs and tears.

Would I change any of it?  Never!  I think it is important to remember that pregnancy and birth is just a moment in time that passes too quickly.  While there are some icky bits, it's all a means to an end - a very much wanted end.  I am lucky - I have 3 healthy, happy little people.

One of my favourite photos - the boys checking Matilda has the right amount of fingers!

Do you feel brave enough to put your birth photos on blog display?
Go and visit Mrs Woogs for some more gorgeous Birth Beauty.

And clearly, I think a prize needs to be awarded to Beth at BabyMac for sharing hers!


  1. Oh this is just too much, how precious!! I love that you (like me) can look back now at our post birth pics & feel pride & love & joy, oh what tremendous moments in life. I haven't blogged about this but perhaps I will..those pictures I looked back on at the time thinking 'arghhh!' but now it's all done & seems that its the end of those moments, now I don't see them quite like that, they're beautiful. Well done to you & thanks for sharing yourself & those gorgeous kids with us all!

  2. i love this. seriously. Im two c- sections down (both emergency) but ive got at least one left in me i think!!

    Perfect little people!

    xo em

    thanks for sharing

  3. just beautiful, thanks for sharing :)

  4. Hooley Dooley! You breed em well hun. That is fantastic! I have had 2 caesars also for the same reasons. First boy was breech and weighed 4.6kg, second boy weighed 4.4kg and my obstetrician didn't want to take any chances.
    I agree wholeheartedly, it's all just a moment in time, albeit long and hard... but SO worth it! :o)
    Love your photos, your babies are gorgeous xo


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