Thursday, July 28, 2011

Guess where I've been today??!!

I handed my children out to various places this morning, grabbed a friend and headed into the Melbourne Quilt and Craft Show.  Such fun, loads of stalls and a hundreds of ladies - some of them quite pushy!  I cant begin to tell you how many times I was hip and shouldered out of the way... and not by spritely young things either!  Watch out for Nanna's on a Mission if you get a chance to go!

Highlight of my day - getting to meet the super lovely Toni Coward of Make it Perfect fame!  So lovely.  And she was working on the Kelani Fabric stall which had the most gorgeous fabrics.  I only wish I had more dollars to spend.  Of course I forced my friend to iphone photo us for posterity!

(I totally need to remember to pull that potty tummy in next time!)

The nice thing was that there is quite a range of crafty stalls, not just a focus on quilting.  My friend bought some beautiful balls of lovely alpaca yarn for a crochet project.  We found this lady too selling the most interesting balls of 'yarn'. Made from offcuts of new fashion garments and consisting of strips of high quality cotton she had the most gorgeous cushions, rugs and bags on display.  Look at this great fruit bowl made from it!

And of course I forced my girlfriend to take a happy snap of me in front of the sign at the doors!
Please ignore the fact that I was blinking and focus on the large green cutting mat I purchased!  Bargain price and I also bought a rotary cutter with it.  So much for waiting for someone to buy me one for my birthday!


  1. Lucky you!

    I so wish I lived close enough to the capital cities so I could attend things like this... alas I live in the sticks!

  2. Haha, what a fun day, looks like you had a ball :o)
    That fruit bowl is superb, what a great unique idea!

  3. I'm very jealous of your cutting mat! I have a teeny one with a crappy cutter... I should probably save up.

    Glad you had such a good day, it looks like a load of fun!


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