Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Fun

Drowning in a sea of balls at the indoor playcentre.

Finishing off my inner circles for my granny blanket (while my children drown in a sea of indoor playcentre balls)!  The one on the lid is what they will all look like in the end - not a great example as it has a purple centre, then dark blue, then the light blue, all of which haven't really iphone photo-ed very well (what a surprise!).  I have been using the Royal Sister's pattern.

A little bit of shopping on the way home.  I pledge my eternal devotion to supermarkets that provide these teeny trolleys for small people.  And yes, those are bananas in her trolley.  At $13.98per kg.  Apparently my husband is rich.

What happens when you have drowned in a sea of balls all morning, then shopped up a storm?  You fall asleep on the couch during your 75th viewing of Toy Story 2, which really just means that you now wont go to bed tonight till 10.30 tonight!

My lunch while they sleep and rest.  A combination of lettuce, avocado, olives, fetta, cucumber and some cut up falafels with some balsamic on top.

How's your Friday going?

(I'm also squealing on the inside as my followers just clicked over to 50!!!!  Gosh, I must be interesting.  I wonder how many of those are my family members?!)


  1. ooh, we love those little trolleys aswell!
    loving your granny's & your lunch (minus the feta, not a fan)

    glad my kids aren't on their own with the 75th watching of toystory.

    have a fabulous weekend Miss LionesLady ♥

  2. A great little insight into your life, LL. Enjoyed that immensely.

    And my Friday is a good one, thanks for asking! x

  3. Such gorgeous pics! Love the ball pit, cute!
    WOW, I haven't seen those mini trolleys, what a fab idea for keeping little people occupied.
    Yes, the late afternoon nap can be tricky, I'm always prepared for a late bedtime once they're had one of those :o/
    Granny blanket is looking lovely!
    Have a great weekend! :o) xo
    P.S. Thank you for the kind words on my post by the way.


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