Friday, July 22, 2011

This week I'm grateful for...

I'm totally going to be materialistic and shallow this week.  I hope you don't mind.  If you do, you better go and read somewhere else.

Things I'm grateful for this week:
  • I am secretly in love with my newsagent - not only does he get the new Mollie Makes in via air freight, he saves two for me - one for me, one for my gorgeous friend!
  • I have a new babushka to add to my collection!  Isn't she lovely?!  She's a bedside carafe!  Her head comes off to create the glass.  I'm thinking I might just fill her with the crochet flowers I make off the front of my new Mollie.
  • Sussan had a sale this week - 50% off their already reduced stock.  I may have bought a stripey top and two lovely oversized cardigany wrappy type numbers.  And layby-ed some jeggings.
  • Tomorrow (Saturday) I am leaving the smalls with their daddy and escaping for a drive with my visiting mum.  We are planning on climbing Hanging Rock in Woodend on a quest to find Miranda, popping into the Lark shop in Daylesford and maybe even squeezing in a visit to the Crafty Squirrel in Ballarat.  Trust me when I say that not a thought will be spared for my husband standing in the wet and cold on the muddy ground at Auskick!
  • School, kinder and creche went back this week.  I am doing the dance of joy.


  1. Preschool went back for us this week too - thank GOODNESS!

  2. I have been nagging Hubby to go to Hanging Rock. Have a great time.

  3. Sounds like you have a lovely weekend planned. I grew up in Castlemaine - a lovely part of the world up there.

  4. gotta love the sales - nothing like a new something to give a wee boost. popped over from babymac, hope you don't mind a new follower xx

  5. Gotta love a good sale!!

    Visiting from BabyMac, thanks for sharing :)

  6. heehee, nice grateful post and yay for being materialistic!
    that babushka..nice!
    hubby looking after the kids..nicer!
    hope you had a good day, my MIL lives in woodend..mmmm..cold.

    happy week & heres to some more happy dancing aswell ♥

  7. All lovely things to be grateful for! Hope you had a nice day with your mother. It has been a long time since i have been to that beautiful part of the world! x


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