Tuesday, July 19, 2011

School Photo Success

When I was in primary school, I totally loved school photo day. I had (please excuse me while I rave about myself!!!) the most lovely, long milk blonde hair and on school photo day we would all recieve brand new little combs with which we had to tidy ourselves up with!

I got more vain every year with that hair of mine.... until year 8ish when it turned the mousy brown I currently live with and try to dye back to blonde every chance I get!

Oscar bought home his handsome prints today and I think they are great (not biased at all... much). How could you not love that cheesy, dimpled grin?!

I mostly love that for about $30 you get this fantastic book filled with photos of various sizes and colour washes, book marks, gift tags, wallet shots etc to hand out to all those family and friends that, I am sure, are desperate for pics of my boy to put all over their fridge!

And then of course, there is that awfully entertaining game of laughing at other people's children who have ended up with their eyes closed in the class photo!
(just in case you didn't know - I am closet bitch!)


  1. Hahaha, this post made me laugh, heartily! I love that you're a closet bitch and I love that you had a head swell over your gorgeous blonde locks... and who wouldn't, they WERE gorgeous!
    Oscar is so handsome, such a sweet little face (I LOVE the name Oscar too, but a friend stole it when I was still pregnant with our first boy and the rest is history... not the friend, we're still mates!)
    Funny how our hair changes colour isn't it. I also had blonde hair until I was about 7, now it's just chocolate brown. Plain and simple.

  2. Hah! Look at your lovely hair!!! Thanks so much for playing along! x

  3. Ha ha ha Funny post! I always wanted long blond hair when I was little but I have always had mousey brown hair (now going grey) which I dye red, every chance I get :)


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