Friday, October 26, 2012

Isaac is 6!

I spent the day baking today for this spunky lad.
All he wanted was a $100 note...
... The Skylanders Game...


... and a new remote controlled boat since Milo accidentally ate the last one!
Tomorrow we are off to the indoor skate park for his party with a slight Mario theme to it so the grand cake baking had to happen today.
Pinterest on the iPad acting as my guide to various Mario cakes on the interwebs.
I covered him with buttercream icing, only dipping my finger in once or eleven times!  (Really, how can butter, sugar and vanilla essence taste so good??!!)
I colour and then cut out all the pieces I need like a jigsaw puzzle and lay them on top of the buttercream layer.  For Mario I only covered the top, not the sides cause I don't know how to do edges without messing up the icing!
So handsome!
Ta Da!!!!
Some of his proportions are a little off, like his mouth is a wee bit small, but the birthday boy loved him when he got home from school today and that's what really matters!


  1. Brilliant!! I hope he has a wonderful day! Your cakes are outstanding..

  2. YOU are a brilliant Mama my friend, the pressies, the cake, the parties... they always sound and look so lovely. That cake is a masterpiece, well done indeed. Happy Birthday to your Isaac, he is a very handsome young man xo

  3. Wow! That is a very impressive cake!! Well done! So it's buttercream and then fondant over the top?

  4. That cake is amazing!!! You're Australia's very own Martha Stewart I tell you. Cakes, puddings, blankets and dresses... is there nothing you cannot do? LOVE!


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