Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Photo a day in October... this happened today.

What really happened was the one day of the school holidays that we had decided to make a jaunt to the other side of town to visit the Werribee Open Range Zoo, Melbourne's traffic was thrown into chaos by some misbehaving tunnel computers!
So, along with the rest of the world we made our way to Healesville instead.  Where we were told that the queue to get through the front gate was around an hour and half. 
There were 3 mummies and nine children.
Out popped the iphone, open up the interwebs, purchase zoo tickets whilst standing in line and get bumped through the important peeps gate. 
Which should have been renamed:
'The Gate For People Who Can Access The Internet On Their Phone And Purchase Their Zoo Ticket Online Will Be Able To Enter The Zoo Right Now Without Waiting In This Icky Hot Line For At Least An Hour Using Up All Your Food Bribery So That Your Children Will Behave Themselves.'
Don't worry, the koala was stuffed.


  1. Hahahaha! Too funny lady. I find the phones amazing now, almost like having our very own little secret weapons to get us out of all manner of binds. I don't think I would have ever even imagined being able to buy tickets while waiting in line, would be a reality one day. Pretty nifty work... and so glad you kept those kids moving along. How many times have I been praying that I don't have to use all the food bribery in the first half an hour of a day out ;) xo


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