Friday, October 12, 2012

Photo a day in October... on the table.

These are the efforts of barely two hours at Doncaster Shopping Centre!  I was a woman on a mission, with a list and a window of opportunity while the small girl was at kinder.
Love bringing everything home, unloading it all on the table and seeing how much damage can be done in such a short space of time!
This lovely dress also arrived in the post!
After seeing it on Emily over at The Beetle Shack, I had to have it.  I ordered the large but am returning it and getting the XL.  It fits loosely over my tummy and bum but I feel like I want some more room round my boobage!  They quite happily exchange so it's all ok.


  1. Haha! You sound just like me. There is this rush of adrenalin that comes from a morning (or day) of hard shopping. Kinda scary actually.
    And those opportunities are oh so rare aren't they!?
    You're hilarious, boobage! ;) xo

  2. For a minute there I though u were going to tell me all your Christmas shopping was done!


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