Saturday, October 6, 2012

Photo a day in October... shadow and I'm thankful for...

I got home from work late last night and panicked!  What was today's photo prompt!!??
Shadow.  Shit.  How can this be achieved at 11 o'clock at night??? 
And then I looked down at my slippered feet, my finished cup of tea full of secret chocolate wrappers and there it was in all it's glory... my shadow!
This morning we made a trip to my tool-less brother's apartment so that my tool handy husband could help him hang some new curtains.  As payment for this little deed which took all of five minutes they agreed to take us our for coffee... in public... with our children.
I'm thankful for the five minutes of peace and quiet that a nice gingerbread cooking and a good chocolate milkshake gave us.  Not quite enough time to really relax with the most delicious spicy chorizo, poached eggy combination I ordered, nor to finish the two coffees I needed to feel normal today but still.

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  1. Great shadow shot lady... and love the snap of your littlin's getting stuck into those sweeties :) xo


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