Monday, August 2, 2010

At my house...

I have kinda cheated a little with this 'at my house', cause nothing has really been happening here today, except a bad case of Mondayitis for everyone. Instead, I have been playing around with Picasa 3 (which I am loving!) and managed to create a collage of some of the babushka things in Matilda's room. Yes, I am obsessed! And this is not all of them by the way.
Some of my favourites are the lovely big babushka from Morgan Wills; the lovely Little Matryoshkas book with pop out matryoshkas for each day of the week from Babys Got Style and down the bottom in the middle is Matilda's hair clip board my lovely friend Kate made with babushka fabric from ebay and loads of lovely hairclips from various sources (try Buttons by Lou Lou and Flirty Bird).

Can you point me in the direction of anything else?
Join in with at my house over here.


  1. Well, yes, looks a bit like an obsession (or hobby) but I really do like babushka dolls and think they are really cute. Your little girl could do far worse with a theme for her room. Hope you have a better Tuesday, with no 'itis'. Thanks for joining in this week. Lou.

  2. Oh they are gorgeous!!

    Plushka on madeit has these cute little dolls too. =)

  3. Oh my babushka! That's a lot of dolls. They're lovely though, aren't they?

  4. the photos look great and what a wonderful collection!


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