Monday, August 2, 2010

Point and Shoot

Sunday, August 1st
This is my husband's new wife, I mean boat! No paint, no name and no engine in it as yet but you can see why I possibly may never see or hear from him again. See the cockpit? There's only room for one and my butt doesn't really fit in there. Cant even ski behind it cause it goes to fast!
Does your husband have a ridiculous (and entirely tooooo expensive) hobby?
Join in point and shoot with FatMumSlim over here.


  1. hahaha you made me laugh..... that boat looks very new age!!! Luckly no, my husband's hobby is fishing so not too expensive....although he has said that I'm expensive enought to be a hobby LOL xox

  2. That looks like it's going to go reallllly fast! It looks like a lot of fun too. I hope you get at least one ride, or that you at least see your husband again someday.


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