Sunday, August 15, 2010

Point and Shoot

Saturday August 14th @ 6.30pm
Me and my 'normal' children!!!

Who doesn't love birthdays?! Especially when they are your own and your babies and husband made you such a lovely cake whilst you were out shopping on your own at Chadstone for five hours after already delivering you breakfast, a cup of tea and gifts in bed?! When asked during the week what kind of cake I wanted I told them it needed to be chocolate, with chocolate icing and decorated with freckles and m&ms - my all time favourite lollies. And that's exactly what I got too! Notice the 35 spelled out in freckles on top.

As well as meandering around Chaddy for several hours, I got to meet with some lovely friends of mine at the Lindt cafe (OMG - croissant with a pot of Lindt chocolate for dipping!!!) and got spoiled with a wide range of gorgeous gifts including this one below.

Super cute huh? My friends clearly feed my babushka addiction! I behaved like a teenager today too and smiggled my iphone with a babushka cover. After all of that I was still able to fit in some Thai take-away for dinner with a lovely wine or 3!

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  1. Happy Birthday! The cake looks amazing!

  2. That sounds like an absolutely perfect day! Happy Birthday for Saturday! You obviously share a birthday with my little 3 year old!

  3. Sweet pic! Love birthdays, your cake looked yum (sweet tooth here! lol) We played along too :-)

  4. now THAT sounds like a perfect birthday!!!! and the 5 hrs of shopping - what a dream!! you tipped me over the edge with the croissant & a pot of Lindt chocolate - sooooooo jealous xox

  5. Happy Birthday! That cake looks gooooood! And your kids? Too cute for words! x

  6. A very belated happy birthday to you. Sounds like a lovely day and the cake does look very cool. Great to make specific requests because then you get what you want. Very cute photo. Lou.

  7. that is a gorgeous pic! kids can't help the faces ;)
    I love your pressies too ♥


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