Monday, August 23, 2010

Point and Shoot & At my house...

Is it cheating to join in on both things at once? I dont think so.... well, I hope it's ok anyway.
Point and shoot first up....
I think my little baby girl is growing up.

Monday, August 23rd, 8.30am

Those are two of the sweetest pony tails ever. She has the softest baby fine hair still but you have no idea how excited I am that it's long enough for ponies now! (Wonder how I got her to sit still long enough to get them in.... Play School!) Excited but freaking a bit cause babies dont have pony tails, big girls do!
And at my house...
I think we have finished breastfeeding! Friday night, she fell asleep early and missed out on her nighttime feed. I went out on Saturday night so daddy put her to bed and because I wasn't there, she clearly survived without it. This has happened before on the odd night I have escaped, but the following day she seems to remember she missed out on them and will come to me at some point fossicking down the front of my top! Sunday night, she sat at the bench with her brothers and had a cup of milk with them instead of coming to me.
So is that it then do you think? I have breastfed 2 and a bit children for about 40 months when all added together! I dont mind if she hasn't finished and comes back for more but I'm wondering whether to offer it to her not. Anyone want to come to my 'burn the maternity bra' party?
Join in with point and shoot or at my house. Or join me in cheating and whack them both together!


  1. The pony tails are cute:) But yes growing up - When I could put Amelia's in ponies we called them pine tree's.

    Good luck with the bra burning:) I think that it is always easier when little ones descide themselves:)

  2. Such cute little pony tails :) They do have beautiful soft fine hair when they are little. I try to chase my almost 2 year old niece around to put things in her hair because they look so cute. Sometimes she lets me :)

    It is amazing how long maternity/breastfeeding bras are used for once you have kids and add a few pregnancies and breastfeeding runs together. The end of an era for you...or close to the end depending on what happens over the rest of the week.

    Thanks for joining in again this week. I think it's fine to put a couple together - the more the merrier. Lou.

  3. Those little pony tails are definitely one of the sweetest. Aren't they cute when they start growing up and want to do big girl things. Enjoy the bra burning!:)


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