Saturday, August 28, 2010

Point and Shoot: Sunshine and sisters

I spent the weekend in Tassie enjoying the company of my big sisters and of all things, some sunshine. I find it incredible that I had to come to Devonport to get some warmth in my bones! I must have bought some home with me though as it has been lovely in Melbourne today - just perfect for the 7 (!!!) loads of washing I have done and managed to squeeze out on the clothesline.

I took Matilda with me and left the boys with daddy and it was really good for everyone. Even though I wasn't gone for long, it was long enough to appreciate all those little things at home that you dont realise - like your own bed and pillow! Matilda loved seeing all her big girl cousins and aunties and uncles but was super excited to see her big brother Oscar at the airport when we got home. She ditched daddy for him! While we were there I was able to have brunches at lovely cafes, shop at this lovely place buying some very cute babushka things and catch up with some of my besties.
This is Matilda with two of her lovely cousins farewelling us at the airport.

Sunday, August 29th @ 4.50pm

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  1. looks like you had a Wonderful weekend!
    new follower

  2. Very sweet. That sunlight is very sweet. x


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