Thursday, August 19, 2010

Baby obsessed...

I have my three babies and I am almost certain that I am Done... with a capital D! But I still love reading about them, hearing about new pregnancies, peeking at new little people in prams, hearing everyone's stories about how their little people came into being.
Want to put a smile on your dial and see and hear and read some wonderful things about small, tiny people?
  • Go here first and look at what Pacing the Panic Room has done with his maternity series. Scroll right through and make sure you see it right from the start!
  • I've only just discovered this on SBS - One born every minute. Best thing is - you can watch it on your laptop at ungodly hours of the night when your husbands away for work and you cant sleep!
  • And, I do believe you will need tissues for this one. For those who know Sheye's story, this only further proves what an incredibly brave and strong person she is.

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