Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ever worked at a supermarket?

I did. For about 10 years on and off. Along with the meagre Austudy allowance it helped keep me from starving at uni. But my word did I get sick of saying, how are you and not really meaning it! A friend at uni drew this great cartoon for me in the middle of one of our lectures. I remember laughing so hard I may well have peed myself. And in the end, I didn't blow up the manager... I just married him instead!

ps. sorry for the swearing!


  1. Classic! What an awesome friend.

    I worked in a grocery store in highschool and then later as a waiter, so I know how aaaaawful working with the general public can be! Nightmare!!

    Love that you married your manager. Very quirky.


  2. So, my friend told me this thing and I've always wanted to know, how did you feel when a customer looked at your name badge and called you by name? I used to do it a bit to try and acknowledge that the checkout-chick/dude was a person, but my friend reckons it's just creepy. Did you ever have anyone do it to you?


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