Thursday, August 5, 2010

Some city culture for me... with free alcohol! Yay!

So here we are naughtily taking a wee pic before it started. I am blaming my free glass of wine for the breaking of rules! My mum found the son of one her friends serving behind the bar... and well, you can't say no to free grog, even if you are the person driving! Needless to say, the whole thing was fantastic! Loved Mary, loved Bert, loved the kids! Even loved our seats up on high! Take your small people if you can and force them to stay for the entire production even if they start getting antsy, cause the last 5 minutes are worth it!
*spoiler alert*
Mary flies over the entire crowd! As if by magic! Right into this clever little spot in the ceiling!
Oh, and make sure you eat some dinner before you go because the $5.50 small bag of Maltesers shared between my mother in law, my mum and me do not a dinner make! And if you want to buy lovely Mary Poppins paraphanalia, make sure you bring plenty more dollars! Want her brolly? $55! A t-shirt? $40! A program filled with lovely pictures? $20! Hmm, too much for me I'm afraid, but would loved to have bought Matilda a wee top that said 'Practically Perfect', cause she is! Almost. If she actually managed to sleep all night. In her own bed.

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