Monday, August 1, 2011

Run down...

I totally woke up this morning completely washed out.  I could have gone back to bed and slept for a month!  I am certain I am coming down with the flu as I feel sore and achy, my throat is killing me and to top it all off, a shocking case of PMT and an absent husband for the rest of the week!

The only thing cheering me up is looking at this lovely piece of circle-y, granny goodness!  I'm up to row 11 of 15 and I can see the end in sight!

I have been trying to sew in all the ends at the end of each row but on Saturday night I was crocheting up such a storm I kinda forgot to do this.  I'm thinking now that I might just get all those lovely circles attached now and save the ends till the end.  I got a few books out of the library last week too as I'm searching for a good edge to put around this baby.  Any advice on colour (I was just going to use white) or edge pattern would be greatly appreciated.

Hope you are all having a much chirpier Monday than me!

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  1. Oh you poor thing, sounds like the pits :o( I do hope your day improved and you felt slightly better as it wore on.
    The granny circle rug is looking brilliant! What a beautiful work of art. I think white edging would look lovely xo

  2. nothing worse than a sick nanna!

    If it were in my house i'd want a teal or steel blue scalloped edging- not fussy- nice and heavy... practical, ya know? White would be beautiful though

    xo em

    hope you feel better lady.

  3. Oh that sounds like me. I could sleep for a year! I could just snuggle up in those beautiful granny squares right now!

  4. p.s. I'd go white, but I'm sure any other color would look great also.

  5. If you want to see what happens when you leave the ends until the end, best pop by my blog now. 'Tis a sad and sorry tale...

    PS. in reference to your latest post. Sorry to hear you are feeling revolting. Hope Friday arrives quick sticks!

  6. This is absolutely gorgeous!!! LOVE it!!!


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