Saturday, September 17, 2011

In the (Lady) Lion's Den

Saturday nights change after you have children.  You probably knew that already. 
Mine looks like this on a fairly regular basis. 

The small people are sleeping, my husbands away.  I may have a fairly dreadful movie on tv (The Ugly Truth... and it is pretty ugly... except of course for Gerard Butler!).  I have developed blisters from cutting  out those lego men.  And a large percentage of those m&m's may have already been consumed.

What do your Saturday night's look like?


  1. Those lego men look like one cool party coming up! My Saturday is looking a lot like yours - but sadly without the m&m's... wish I was at your house!

  2. You know strangely enough, Sat night (ok Sun morning now!) looks remarkably similar over here at my place. Except in place of M & M's, I ate Cadbury white bubbly from the block and folded washing instead of cutting out lego men (which look awesome by the way)... Oh, and my hubby is away also! On a 4 day boys golf trip. Hmmm, no wonder I'm still tapping away on my laptop at this hour. Hope you polished off those M & M's ;o) xo

  3. Add a glass of wine & some chips and you have my Saturday night post kids.

  4. Haha, much the same as yours! Except with a wine or champagne, so not much crafting, not that I haven't tried.. only to find I have to undo it all the next day..


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