Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My creative space....

I feel like I have lost my bloggy mojo this week.  Do you ever get like that? 

There are loads of things I could talk about but I find I am censoring myself, writing posts then deleting them, not sure whether some things are in the 'way to much information' basket or whether I am sharing too much of my small people's quirks, habits and behaviours that possibly might embarrass them when they are older.

I sat in my sewing room this week instead and tried to make things.  I stuffed up big time - wasted time and ruined some really nice material.  I comforted myself by leaving a mess all over my sewing table, retreating to the couch with repeats of Grey's Anatomy, a jar of nutella and a spoon.  I find this solves most of the worlds problems.

I tried to make a hat from my new book.  It did not go well.  I found a fabulous apple pin cushion pattern and managed to successfully whip one up that looks like it's supposed to.  And when all else failed, I crocheted more triangles, ready for the Bunting Swap.

My new book, my new apple pincushion, my triangles (but they could be yours!)

Cute, yes?

I have been using Sarah London's pattern for Granny Bunting.

Ever lost your mojo?

You might be able to find it again over here.


  1. Oh, I always lose my mojo.... Especially my mojo for blogging but then I have to scald myself & remind myself why I blog - I blog for me & if I don't feel like blogging for a few days then I don't - but it's easy to forget that..
    The bunting is so cute - what will you string it together with?

  2. Losing your blog mojo and having that 'Don't have anything worth posting' feeling is really horrid - I've had that, hope you are feeling unblocked really soon as it's infuriating!

    Granny bunting?! That looks like it'll be amazing!

    Jem xXx

  3. Yep, I've been there too. It's a horrible feeling but it will go away. Maybe have a break and do something new? Your bunting and apple pin cushion are really fantastic. Don't lose heart - go see an exhibition and feed your soul :) Kx

  4. Oh I love your apple pin cushion and your bunting triangles, they're gorgeous!
    Yes, I TOTALLY get the loss of the blogging mojo, we must be on the same wave length this week. I usually blog daily, but just haven't had it in me this week... and I'll add there that what I have blogged is a bit on the frowny face negative side anyway (though I try to find a positive spin too). I also deleted a post or two as I just wasn't happy with them. It's hard to find inspiration when you're feeling rather shite in yourself. That's me this week. Just quietly, I loved this post of yours :o) xo

  5. oooohhh..I hope that bunting will be mine!

    yep..happens to me all the time.
    I notice it too when I don't take pics, I know the blogging mojo has gone.

    give yourself a break, bake something, take some pics, read other blogs.

    it'll be back, in the meantime, I LOVE what you have created.

    sending you sunshiney smiles ♥

  6. Yes, feeling a bit like that myself this week, I have plenty of those days, then all of a sudden I'll have a heap of things I want to blog about all at once. I agree with the comments above, read other blogs for inspiration and do something fun just for you!The mojo will the bunting and pincushion too:)Sam

  7. Love your bunting! So cute!
    My blogging mojo comes and goes. I think now that more people who I know in real life read my blog, I censor myself more and more.

  8. I totally adore your bunting! Gorgeous! Your apple pin cushion is also very sweet! I hate it when I loose my mojo, but sometimes life is just like that! It will come back, have faith, in the meantime, grey's anatomy and nutella sound perfect!!

  9. Ooh, your apple cushion is just lovely. And your bunting is so colourful and cheery.

  10. It's nice to know that there are so many other people that lose the blog mojo sometimes! Your bunting is delightful x

  11. Love your pincushion! And the triangles :) Yes, my blogging inspiration comes and goes too. I blog when I have something to share :D Simple as that :)


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