Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tuesdays.... bleuch!

Do you know Tuesday's irritate me? 

I'd leave now if you dont want to listen to my whining.

Still here, huh?  Do Tuesday's annoy you too?
My children have been getting up far too early for their own good - like around 5am.  Getting them back to bed to sleep some more has proven pointless.  A 5am wake-up call and being 2 don't make for a pleasant day at all.

I have done nothing but pick up after other people today.  I vacuumed up several pieces of lego this morning and smiled satisfactorily when I heard their crunching sound winging their way up the vacuum tube.

Why are Spotlight so rude?  Not just the people that work there but the fact that they charge $2 to access a trolley and that you never have $2 on you?  I asked 4 people this morning in that store where I could find their leather string and not one single person gave me the correct location, showed me the way or even knew what I was talking about.  And they do have it, and it was in stock!

Two small boys in this house have managed to break two sets of expensive in-car headphones!  Removed the battery covers, lost them and then stolen the batteries.  They are both accusing each other of the crime.

Every time my husband goes away, large creepy crawlies tend to make themselves known.  The worst ones are those that hide in the clothes you have bought in off the line.  They tend to leap on me, fall down my bra and make my dance hysterically while screaming.

I have no money and need a job, but don't know how to manage and organise the small people so I can get a job and still be present for them.  Primary school teachers who can only work part-time are not in high demand.  And I simple cannot go back to being a checkout chick.... I have two degrees goddammit and I will use them!

My wardrobe is full of clothes and I have nothing to wear.  I need a massive sort and cull and tidy and simply do not have the energy for it.  Instead I will continue to buy white, black, navy blue and grey things and force them into my exploding cupboard.

The shining light for my morning......
...someone sat still long enough this morning for me to get this teeny tiny partly braided plait in her hair! 

By the way, I will be totally fine by tomorrow.  I love Wednesdays.


  1. Ah you have made me feel better too. Like big release.

    Yay for Wednesday, nearly through the week and on the home stretch.

    Hope tomorrow is better and the wake up call is delayed to be more civilized. We can only live in hope.

    Take care

  2. Oh poor love... your 'bleuch' can go with my 'blah' of yesterday.
    I am so with you on the early wake ups! This time of year gets decidedly tricky, as it stars getting lighter earlier, aaarrrggghhh, it's enough to send me nuts!
    Yes, the 'paying' for a trolley places are a pet peeve of mine also... especially when they always seem damaged anyway. And Oh my! Creepy crawlies coming in on the washing is a big fear of mine. I actually shake each article of clothing wildly after plucking it from the clothes line, just in case... true story, I do this. Roll on hump day Wednesday :o) xo

  3. An excellent whinge. One to be proud of. I hope it helped and that today really was better.


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