Friday, September 9, 2011

My music confession....It's a heartache!

I noticed one or two ladies of late fessing up to some 90's music love.  I dare not judge.  I was raised on Bonnie Tyler.  I love her.  I sing with her at every opporunity.  I have her in my car and on my ipod.  I fondly remember drives home from uni in Hobart back to Devonport literally singing the entire Bonnie Tyler catalogue the whole way.

When I was about 700 hundred weeks pregnant with Matilda, my sister and I went and saw her at the Casino.  Can I just say how fabulous it was without being judged to harshly?!

We were quite possbily the youngest people in the audience and were told several times by those around us to sit down and stop singing along... truly.
The best bit was after the concert, when everyone just got up and left my sister and I spied her husband coming out from backstage, accosted him and asked whether it would be possible for her to sign out concert tickets.  Why dont we come back and meet her, he says!  Be still our excited hearts!  I tell you he was lucky I didn't immediately go into labour.
She was super lovely and friendly and in the end not only autographed things for us and let us take bunches of photos, she also sang 'It's a heartache' over the phone to my mum after my sister had rung my mum back home in Tassie to tell her exactly who we were with! 

And look, she hasn't aged at all.

See... dont judge my ginormous moonhead... 700 weeks pregnant remember.

Ever met a famous person before???


  1. that's awesome! No judging going on here, I just saw the Sade concert add & I'm thinking it would be great..I was 700 wks pregnant in my last Drivers Licence photo & I have to keep it for 10 years!!!

  2. Oh this is super cool, seriously! No judgement here my friend, except for your good taste. I've always loved Bonnie Tyler. I was raised on her music also and I belt out both of those songs whenever I hear them. And I have both on my ipod too! The truth is out ;o)
    You probably know this, but she is Rod Stewart's sister! See, I kinda like him too. Bit of a closet fan actually. Now please don't YOU judge ME ;o) xo
    P.S. Love the pics, you look fab for 700 weeks preggers... I SO know that feeling!


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