Friday, September 23, 2011

This week I'm grateful for....

Oh my.  Well hello and welcome to you if you haven't been here before! 

The very lovely Maxabella is letting me host Grateful this week and I'm feeling a little shy!  I tried to tidy up a little bit around here but I still have nervous tummy and everything.  Gosh, I hope you like me.

I'm grateful this week...
...because Maxabella asked me to host today.  Truly, I did the dance of joy when her email came through.  Well, it was probably more of a bounce around in my seat cause I was at the boys swimming lessons and people may have started to wonder if I'd leapt up and started grooving.  I consider Maxabella to be one of the cool girls of the bloggy world!  I'm really hoping a little bit of that rubs off on me!

...for baby chicks.  We were lucky enough to watch them hatch at Isaac's kinder over the week and they are terribly cute and chirpy.  Chicks I love.  Chickens kinda freak me out.

...because school holidays have started!  Two weeks of blissfully, lazy mornings, park visits and picnics awaits us!  (If you come back in two weeks though, I'm bound to be grateful for a return to school!!!)

...that exclamation marks exist!  Odd, yes I know and I'm the first to admit to my overuse of them but I really like them!  Especially when I leave comments!  I'm hoping they convey my excitement for all the marvellous things you may have said!  Fair warning I say, as I'm sure there will be an over excessive use of them when I pop by to read all your grateful posts!

Thanks for stopping by.  Feel free to visit anytime!

Please join in by adding your Grateful post to the list below (and please, we love you, but it really does matter that your post is one about being grateful, not just a random) and pretty please add a link back to the list.  Make sure you pop over and visit other bloggers too and spread the sunshine!


  1. Help there Lioness Lady, thanks for hosting this week. I'm just beside myself with relief and excitement, husband is coming home on Sunday, school hols at last PLUS a real holiday next week. Hip-hip-hooray! Glad to share my gratitude with you and others.

  2. I love a good exclamation mark too!
    I am aware I overuse them - especially when commenting - but surely there are worse crimes against humanity?!
    !!!! to your heart's content!
    Thanks for having us.

  3. yay! good on you for hosting Gratefuls! I did last week, and wow-ee i get what you mean by giddy tummy! It was like first day of school nerves all over again! Anyhoo i love your gratefuls and we have one the same! yay for school hols....i'm looking forward to chilling out with my kids too and just taking it all day by day, or even hour by hour - just because we can!
    have fun hosting xx

  4. :) that's a great list Sonya! I'll be back tomorrow to share mine...and I reckon I might be making some bunting for you!...I totally use exclamation marks a lot too!!!! :)

  5. I think you're doing a wonderful job of hosting! There's no need to be shy at all!
    And yes, I'm one of those people that can't help but overuse the exclamation mark too. I'm so bad I have to go back and edit my exclamation marks after I've finished my comment!! And double exclamation marks a real issue at the moment... plus those dots! ;)

  6. So lovely to meet you! i oh so love exclamation marks too! and use them way too often!!
    Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the holidays!! x

  7. Hiya !
    I LOVE a good exclamation mark! AND capital letters too !!!
    Thanks for hosting 'grateful' this week - will be back later (ok tomorrow) with my post.
    Enjoy the school hoidays !!
    Dee :)

  8. So lovely to meet you! And I think you're doing a fantastic job as host :)

  9. Thanks for hosting. I love the look of your blog.
    I overuse both ! and ...
    I can't wait to get my own baby chicks.

  10. How exciting hosting the prestigious grateful post! I totally agree with you, Maxabella is definitely one of the cool kids! I'm also with you on the yay for holidays, chicks = cute, chickens = evil and exclamation marks tend to clog up comments!

    I'm not with you on the grateful for end of holidays in a few weeks time though, but only because I'm not a Mum but am a teacher! Hope you holidays stick to the blissful warm days and picnics side of things and don't venture too far into the whingy children department

  11. I love exclamation marks too!!! And admit that I overuse them a lot!

    I am also grateful for school holidays at the moment. We are just finishing our 1st week and it has been so relaxing not having to be anywhere in the morning!

  12. So nice to meet you and visit a new blog. Thank you for hosting the meme this week. I noticed in your "About me" that you taught yourself to sew and crochet off the Internet. These are two things I want to learn to do so if you could do it, I have no excuses! I'll have to trawl your blog for some further inspiration! ! ! ! ! :-)

  13. Aren't baby chicks just the cutest little creatures? My son had them at his day care last year and he was totally smitten (and so was I).

  14. Great to meet you!!!!!


    thanks for hosting :)

  15. Oh i've always been a double exclaimer, just to show my fist pumping into the air excitement!!
    Have a gorgeous weekend, beautiful hosting duties, enjoy your school holidays, we still have one more week to go in Canberra. Love Posie

  16. I'm the exclamation mark queen & often have to edit them out of my comments as I have more !!! than words!!! We just had baby chicks at Kindy too. Super cute & hard to resist the hard sell at the end when they try to convince you to take them home!

    Thanks for hosting us! :)

  17. I love exclamation marks!! I often have more of them than words! We had baby chicks at kindy recently. Beware the hard sell at the end. Hard to resist! Thanks for hosting us :)

  18. Popped over from
    Maxabella Loves : )
    Love all your gratefuls
    and wish I'd written
    one myself, this week!
    xx Suzanne

  19. Hooray for you lovely hostess! Chickens freak me out too!! We were on chook duty all year when the middle guy was at kinder & I really didn't like it much..

  20. Thanks for being such a fun hostie, Sonia! I'm honestly about as cool as a January day in Cairns, but thanks for believing in me! Enjoy your weekend. x

    PS - now whatever happened to the thought-provoking comment I left yesterday on your REM tribute?? I think it was as insightful as "this song has lots of memories but it's just about the only droney REM song I can stand..." mean!

  21. Der. My REM slag was there all along... I, once again, blame iPhone for making me look like an idiot. x

  22. So glad I found you via Maxabella Loves.


  23. Happy Grateful Day Sonia! I didn't do my usual grateful today, but still want to pop over and say hello and wish you a wonderful weekend! I hope hosting gratefuls has been a hoot!

    Enjoy the lovely posts... xx

  24. I love exclamations too and chickens freak me out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But there is nothing cuter than little black and yellow balls of chickie fluff!!! Thanks for hosting!! x

  25. chickens kinda freak me out too lol! Thanks for hosting!

  26. I so laughed out loud at your professed love for exclamation marks. I too am guilty of overuse, but sometimes (ok often) I just need to make a point!!!! :)
    Love your blog and thanks for hosting this week's (and my first) I'm Grateful link up.
    xxx Sonia

  27. Guilty of excessive exclamation point use too!!!
    So glad to find your lovely blog, so nice of Maxabella to share her grateful's at the moment :)
    Chickens are definitely a bit freaky, especially their feet


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