Thursday, September 29, 2011

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Oh, Ikea. How you taunt me from your new home... 20 minutes drive away!  Having grown up Ikea-less in Tasmania, any visiting relatives insist on a visit there as part of their itinerary.

And what am I to do as I tag along but buy 3 metres of housy fabric for no apparent reason and then have it taunt me from the craft cupboard, forcing me to make it into a new sewing maching cover!

This is supposed to be the right side cause the houses on top face the right way, but of course I prefer this side....

...they all seem to line up better don't you think?

If you are interested, it is a super easy pattern that I found here. I made sure to measure up my own machine to be sure of a correct fit and I also tend to use trusty baking paper from the kitchen to draw up a pattern before cutting up the fabric. Would hate to waste any of that 3 metres of housy fabric!! Any ideas on what I can use the other almost two and half metres on????

This week I also tried my hand at making a fabric yo-yo!  Addicted after only making one!  I followed Emma's advice over at Frog, Goose and Bear and bought a yo-yo maker online with the Haby Goddess - super fast postage and a wee freebie was included!

I'm thinking of making up a few simple skirts and teaming them with a t-shirt decorated with a couple of yo-yo's made using the same skirty fabric for little girl birthday presents!

Other creative types hang around over at Our Creative Spaces on Thursdays.


  1. I love Ikea too! But it is 6hrs away from me!

    Love the sewing machine cover. I need to make one for my machine! Maybe you could make some aprons with your house fabric??

    Yoyo making is addictive isn't it? A simple skirt with a matching T-Shirt would be ace!

  2. I know what you mean about the alure of ikea - i have a regular weekly meeting next door to one. I can never resist! Love the sewing machine cover. That house fabric has been taunting me too! I saw someone had cut out the houses and made little cushions out of them (and colour blocked some of the windows or doors) - was thinking of giving this a go.

  3. The cover looks great. What about a wrap skirt, with some bright, mis-matched bias binding with the remainder? There is a pattern in Pip's book,
    Sew La Tea Do.

    I live about 30 mins from the new IKEA and can't wait for a second (not so quick) visit! A visit is not complete without things/quantities you don't really need is it?

  4. I'm thinking its a good thing for my budget that Ikea hasn't made it to NZ, I have enough problems with a trip to Spotlight!
    Love the sewing machine cover and totally agree about the second side you showed being cooler.

  5. NZ has no Ikea - sigh - love that fabric though it is so cute. I'd be inclined to embroider one of the houses or paint it or colour it some way and then stretch it and hang it. (Maybe not all 2.5m though!)

  6. Ohhh that fabric is so cute! Love it! Your sewing machine must feel very loved now with such a cool cover :o)
    That fabric would make great cushions I am thinking, or even napkins... I am so challenged when it comes to sewing, do people even make napkins!?!? hehe ;o) xo

  7. I need to make machine covers, been on my list for years. You've given the reminder I needed. Great job

  8. hehe! I'm a huge IKEA fan and they have such fabulous and unusual fabric.
    Great job on the sewing machine cover : )

  9. No Ikea in Broken Hill. But I used to work there as a Uni student in Melbourne, years ago.

    Always hard to leave there without buying something that holds so much promise.

    great idea, and great choice of fabric.

  10. I went a bit mental in Ikea yesterday buying fabric... I just couldn't help myself... ha ha ha :)

  11. I love your sewing machine cover, the fabric is perfect!
    He he, I have been addicted to yo-yo making, it is fun. I made this skirt with them last year:
    Happy sewing :)

  12. ahhh, I love IKEA... though hubby would clearly say otherwise.

    And this little home fabric...

    A D O R A B L E!



    p.s - I have been poking around your blog today and love your crochet...I am a real novice and am now even more inspired by your cleverness! xoxox

  13. Loving that house fabric. Too cute. Great idea for a machine cover... no idea what else to make. Sorry. Not very helpful huh?

    I've never made a yo-yo... but I want to. I've heard they can become addictive. Mmmm. Yours is lovely.

  14. I haven't gotten to the new ikea yet but i am dying to go. i didn't even know ikea had fabric now another reason i want to go. love the houses sewing machine cover xx

  15. What female doesn't love IKEA!!! Your sewing machine cover looks great. A skirt with matching yo yo on a t-shirt would look great.


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