Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lego Men Tshirts: A tutorial (kind of)

A certain young man in this house is going to turn 5 next month and we are all systems go prepping for a Lego Party!  I have found loads of fantastic ideas on the internet and pinned them onto my pinterest board if you are interested.

Only recently, I came across these great free downloads that someone has used to make lego man bunting (which we will definately do) but I have also used them for the party invite.

The lovely person sharing these has included a blank man, a happy birthday man and lego men with 5, 6, 7 & 8 on them, which I think is super generous of them!  We make Officeworks our best friends at party time and take all our files in there to photocopy and print.  I had them print off the Mr 5 onto some nice thick card, cut them all out and just wrote the invites out on the back.
My other great find has been these lego kirigami.

How cute are all the little lego men holding hands?  We'll definately be using some of these to decorate the house!

Instead of making take-home bags full of crappy lollies that no-one likes I've had the grand idea to use them as a template and give each party guest their own lego man t-shirt to take home!

Click on the link (above) and print out your lego template.  Trace around as many of him as you need onto iron on transfer paper (I think it has some fancy name starting with v but it escapes me right now!).

(I am fairly certain I will be sick of Lego men before this party even begins!)

Without cutting them out yet, iron them onto some yellow fabric.  Apparently if you cut them out once you have ironed them onto the fabric you get better edges that dont fray as much after they have been through the wash.

Cut them out nicely, then peel off the backing paper and iron them onto your t-shirts.  I have bought a couple from Best and Less for around $4 each.  Depending on my time I think I might even sew around the edges of each man just to make him a little more secure.

The boys have given their thoughts and determined them to be 'way cool!'  I think so to, so much so I think I might make myself a grown up version to wear on party day!


  1. Those shirts are way cool! What a fab idea.

    A Lego party sounds fun. I tried to convince my almost 5 yr old (he turns 5 this Friday) to have a Lego Party, but no, he wanted a Cars 2 party. Maybe next year!

  2. It's Vliesofix.

    What a great idea for a party favour. I agree - much better than lollies. Don't you love all of the free stuff people put on line. My parties were never as cool before I started blogging and finding great ideas and free printables all over the net!

  3. Oh they are WAY cool! I love that little lego man guy. We have a lego man lamp, his body lights up and he has a little handle to carry him around. So so cute!
    This lego party is going to go off, you've got awesome ideas for it and what a unique theme xo

  4. What a great idea! So much better than rubbish plastic toys and junk food!

  5. OMG! I know a four year old who would just LOVE one of these.

  6. They are *so* awesome! I am envious.


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